We can’t wait to produce another beautiful wedding at the Asian Art Museum this weekend! #2the9sEventsTuesday

Photo Credit: @alisonyinphoto


With every session booked today {originally posted on August 30th, 2017} I will be donating a pack ‘n play to the American Red Cross to help families affected by Hurricane Harvey.

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East Bay, CA: Saturday Nov 4th
San Francisco, CA:  Sunday Nov 5th

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I LOVE getting emails from my wonderful partners in Bali telling me they’ve upgraded my honeymooners from a standard Villa to this amazing Ocean Cliff Villa!! Thank you to the incredible team @bulgarihotels for taking such great care of all my clients and making 🍯🌙 dreams come true!


Katie and Jake are one of those couples that are constantly glowing. Everything was as it should be- happy. Laughter and precious moments filled our day. Even during more stressful moments of the day, our team tapped into the flow of the day and came out on the other side with a great success! Jerred and I focused on off camera lighting at the reception for more of a dramatic look.


Venue: Empire Canyon Lodge

Photography: Robin Jolin

Gear: Canon and Contax

Film: Fuji 400h + Portra 800

Lab: Montclair Photo Lab


Hey! We were featured on Catalyst Wedding Co! Peep the article here.

This inspiration shoot emerged from a pattern design created by Teresa Reynolds who is also the talented hair and makeup artist for this collaboration. Her design exudes an energetic flow and ease with the organic movement which we loved seeing with clean straight lines and minimal elements. Its playful color palette was fun to interpret across all vignettes, keeping a balance of liveliness and sophistication.

We used Zazzle to custom print Teresa’s design onto large canvas panels. They were suspended from the industrial beams of the beautiful space, Gallery 308 in Fort Mason. Along with the suspending panels are buttery yellow floral arrangements created by Rare Sparrow and sparkling Edison bulbs by 3 Stage Lighting. To turn up the modern sophistication of the scene we used acrylic chairs provided by The Social Stylist for guest seating.

The tablescape design was kept simple, clean, and fun with Trunks & Tales‘ beautiful table and tabletop pieces. We especially love the mint dinner plates and colored glassware glowing beneath a row of 3 Stage Lighting’s Edison bulbs. The unconventional floral pieces from Rare Sparrow gave the table lightness and unexpectedness.

The bride wore a modern fit two-piece gown by designer Galia Lahav provided by Kinsley James Bridal Couture. The makeup artist, Teresa Reynolds Beauty, gave our bride the most impeccable look and gorgeous vibrant hair, which we adored! The bride’s lovely nails were done by Sugar Plum Fairy Fingerswho used a modern technique, painting the front and back of the nails. We really didn’t leave any details out!

The modern masterpiece cake was by Ma Petite Maison Cake Design! Every event needs a beautiful cake, including inspiration shoots. The cake’s mesmerizing lines of the marbling mimicked Teresa’s pattern design, which looked amazing displayed on the wire base column with woven florals to add softness.

Finally, the fresh branding pieces consisted of invitation suite, menus, guest sign-in book, place cards, and lightbulb table numbers that were created by the innovative Idea Emporium. Her pieces added interest, depth, and cohesion to the vignettes.

This shoot was truly a creative collaboration among vendors who are constantly experimenting outside the box to inspire brides and grooms. Huge thank you to Tickled Events for expertly coordinating the shoot, Milou + Olin for beautifully capturing our work, and Barbara Jacqueline for filming the behind the scenes!



Photography | Milou + Olin | @milouandolinphotography
Concept, Design & Styling | Petite Pomme Design | @petitepommedesign
Planning & Coordination | Tickled Events | @tickled_events
Venue | Gallery 308 | @fortmasoncenter
Hair & Makeup, Textile Designer | Teresa Reynold | @teresareynoldsbeauty
Bridal Gown | Kinsley James | @kinsleyjamescouturebridal
Floral Design | Rare Sparrow | @rare_sparrow
Cake | MA PETITE MAISON CAKE DESIGN | @mapetitemaisoncakedesign
Invitations & Event Branding | The Idea Emporium | @theideaemporium
Lighting | 3 Stage Lighting | @3stagelighting
Rentals | Trunks & Tales | @trunksandtales
Ghost Chairs | The Social Stylist | @thesocialstylist
Video | Barbara Jacqueline | @barb_jacqueline
Ring Box | Mrs. Box | @the_mrs_box
Nails | Sugar Plum Fairy Fingers | @sugarplumfairyfingers


Wedding Wednesdays Q&A by Jamie Chang Destination Wedding Planner of Mango Muse Events

Q:  I’ve gotten all my RSVPs and created my seating chart.  But, now I have to figure out how to do my seating cards.  I’m having a big wedding, about 300 people and the thought of 300 cards just seems crazy.  Can I combine multiple names on one seating card?  And if so, how do I write it?

So, yes ideally (and usually), you’d have one seating card per person.  But, as you said 300 cards is a lot.  Especially if you are hand writing them or DIYing them.  So, combining names is definitely ok, but only if you are not having a plated meal.  If you’re having a buffet or stations or family style meal, you’re all good.  But, if you’re doing a plated meal, everyone needs their own card so that it can indicate their meal choice.

If we assume that you aren’t having a plated meal, then having multiple names on one seating card is actually a great idea.  It will save you time and also money as well because you won’t need as many cards.  All good things!  You can even consider this if you are having a smaller wedding too.

Ok, so now let’s talk about how you would do them.  The most important thing you need to remember is you can only combine the names of people who are sitting together.  So, you need your seating chart handy.

The second important thing to remember is that you will only want to combine names on a seating card that make sense together.

Now, the most logical and easiest way is to put couples together.  They will be sitting together and they make sense together.  You can also put families together (parents plus kids) as long as they’re all sitting together.  Outside of that though, it’s a little odd to combine names.

When it comes to actually writing your seating cards, many couples and families will have the same last name which makes it easy.  But, you probably have at least one couple whose last names are not the same.  They could be just dating or married.  It doesn’t matter what the situation is, but you’ll want to put both their last names on the card.

Now I’m sure your next question is whose name goes first on the card?  For most of your guests, you’ll probably end up going traditional and putting the man’s or husband’s name first.  But, another option which is especially good for your single friends is putting the name of the person who you are actually closest to.  For example, if you are friends with the woman in the couple, then put her name first.

Putting multiple names on your seating cards is a good idea that will save you both time and money.  It’s especially helpful when you have a large wedding, but will also work with smaller ones too.  Just make sure you take your meal type into account and put people together that make sense.

Cocktail umbrella seating cards in sand for a Hawaii destination wedding by destination wedding planner, Mango Muse Events(Photo credit: What a Day! Photography)

It’s back, another studio question answered by Matthieu Meynier of Cinematt Films! We’re tackling a query we hear from tech-savvy clients, colleagues, and competitors on a regular basis…

What Gear Do You Use?

First of all, we keep up on all the latest tech by going to trade-shows and conventions (such as WPPI, inFocus and other workshops that are relevant to cinematography) so we’re always versed on the newest innovations in cameras,  audio, drones, and lighting equipment. It keeps us on our toes and trying out new ways to capture the perfect shots all the time.

Matthieu can tell you more about what we use specifically:



“Right now we film with Canon C100 cameras. They are incredibly versatile and allow us the best quality for filming without being obtrusive. We can keep a low profile on the wedding day while getting stunning images.

We use drones when our clients add the option, and are drone certified as of 2016. It’s important to pay special attention to our surroundings and always make sure that we are legally allowed to fly. We don’t want to take a chance and we will always be straightforward with our clients and let them know whether we can do it or not.”



“Audio is a very important part of our filming and we use state-of-the-art equipment. Small recorders such as Tascam and Instamic have become our go-tos; most often we use them for interviews with bride and groom before the wedding. We always mic the groom and the officiant and we always try to find out who else will be doing a reading for the ceremony and will mic them if necessary. We always have one or two backup recorders so we have peace of mind while recording.”



“Lighting is also an important element to take in account so we have invested in great equipment that can be battery-powered to carry around easily. Right now our go-to lights are the battery powered Westcott Flex. We usually use them for speeches and important dances. For the reception dancing we rely on smaller handheld lights so we don’t ruin the celebratory atmosphere with large bright lights.”

– Matthieu


We’re pretty lucky that we get to meet such amazing individuals and capture them in their best light. Melissa and Kevin are a no exception! A smiley pair, with huge hearts and never ending laughter. It’s a treat me you work with clients who radiate their own joy. Their positive energy made for real smiles and raw joy.

This engagement session, had a special twist. Both of their children were able to join in for a family session! Kid’s are such a huge part of their lives, why leave them out?

Oh look, who showed up! The whole gang! Including Mr. Yahoo! We’ll say it once, we’ll say it a thousand times…we love dogs! We encourage K-9’s to join in, they are part of the family after all!

I mean look at those faces. You can’t fake those authentic smiles!

I’m going to guess Melissa has a pretty good scarf collection. Anyone want to take a bet on that one? This lime and grey color really help create a cohesive scene with the diverse backdrops.

This one where she is guiding him, kind of makes my heart melt! A relationship is a dance between leading and following.

These two cats are pretty cool. I mean, anyone who can bring they A game silly faces is a winner in my book! Thank you for spending the afternoon with me!

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Photography by: Caroline


The most gorgeous tablescape. This is from a styled shoot we did with @charmedevents. Photos by: C and K photo


Wendy + Bang let me be apart of their FAB-ulous wedding day in late September. I had no idea I would be in for such a treat, by getting to experience all the specialities behind their family history and tradition. Then the day took a turn of events and became a full on feminine, modern, glittery bash! The ornate gold bow tied chairs, to the chandeliers and sparkle table runners, it was a quite a treat for the senses! They even had a personalized cloth runner leading to the dance floor, where he would take her hand for a kiss!

The Hayes Mansion was filled with pomegranates and persimmons, which complimented every vignette I snapped!

Wendy really does know how to rock an style she chooses.


The stance of a man, who’s about to make the best decision of his life!

A track and field team even stopped by for an energetic photo bomb!

You know me, always creeping in the vines to find the perfect angle!

Did I mention the flower vases were covered in pink sequins AND rhinestones?! Ok Good, glad we cleared that up!

If there’s a shot I find truly stunning, I like to give a color and black and white version. I think this overhead shot on the stairs was well deserving.

Event Coordinator: My Dung Tran
Hair & Make up Artist: Jonathan Nguyen
Florals: Vo Floral Design
Photography by: Caroline

To find out how you can take part in the Milou and Olin Photography experience, follow the link below to book your consultation with our team. We are eager to hear from you, and to help create your Love Party success story!

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